Who We Are

Meet the faces behind UChicago FEMMES.

Sydney Ko

Events Director

Sydney ('18) is a Computer Science and Visual Arts double major. Originally from San Jose, she lived abroad in Seoul, Korea for over a decade. She became involved in the tech gender parity movement while working for Girls Who Code last summer.

Margarita Sokolova

Operations Manager

Margarita ('17) is a Philosophy major and Computer Science minor. After discovering the empowerment that comes with coding, she decided to contribute to the fight for gender parity in tech. She is giddy about floral design, cool simple syrup recipes, and lunch.

Delia Ierugan

Assistant Operations Manager

Delia ('18) is a Math and Computer Science double major. Through her involvement in FEMMES, she hopes to get young girls as excited about the STEM fields as she is. When she doesn't have a Computer Science project to work on, Delia is cooking or painting.

Sylvia Lobo


Sylvia ('17) is a Biology and Psychology double major, as well as premed. She loves FEMMES because it promotes the sciences to young girls. Her hobbies include bike riding and petting cute animals. She is excited to see FEMMES grow!

Amanda Aizuss

Curriculum Director

Amanda ('17) is a Computer Science major originally from Los Angeles. Passionate about technology for as long as she can remember, she occasionally makes YouTube videos where she discusses her favorite Mac & iOS Apps, tips, and consumer technology.

Jasmine Mithani

Curriculum Director

Jasmine ('17) is an Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities major with a focus on interactive media and gender. She is especially dedicated to advocacy for STEM education, gender equality, and consent. She writes poetry, plays obscure art games, and occasionally sleeps.

Richard Hanson


Richard ('16) is a Linguistics turned Computer Science major at UChicago. He is passionate about committees and music and pursues both outside the classroom. He is grateful for the opportunity to try and be part of the solution to some of the gender problems in tech.

Isha Mehrotra

Events Lead/Webmaster

Isha ('19) is a Computer Science major. She is excited to be working with FEMMES to help close the gender gap in STEM and especially hopes to encourage young girls to pursue STEM related careers and be confident in all their future endeavors.

Devshi Mehrotra

Events Lead/Volunteer Coordinator

Devshi ('19) is a prospective Computer Science and Public Policy major. Very passionate about leveraging technology to effect social change, she hopes to pursue a career in the field of civic tech. As a member of FEMMES, Devshi is looking forward to helping young girls grow confident in their ability to succeed as computer scientists.

Panya Gupta

Internal Institution Liason

Panya (’17) is a Computer Science major and aspiring Religious Studies minor, passionate about teaching, modern art, science, and drumming. She is excited for the opportunity to share her love for STEM with other women through working with FEMMES.

Ariel Jackson

Corporate Liason

Ariel ('18) is a Computer Science major and a math-lover. She enjoys teaching, outreach, backend development, and cloud computing. When she's not in the library, she can be found cooking, riding her bike, or collecting books that she'll never have the time to read.

Nasr Maswood

Community Liason

Nasr ('17) is a Computer Science major at UChicago. In between honing his programming chops and finishing problem sets, Nasr enjoys spending his free time dancing, hiking, and browsing Hacker News. He's excited to help in the effort to close the gender gap as a part of FEMMES.

Xinyue Xia

Marketing Head

Xinyue ('18) is a CAM major with a minor in computational neuroscience. She is super excited to promote STEM education for women, and hopes to spread such enthusiasm to young girls. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking Chinese food, reading, hiking and studying the human brain.

Lee Ehudin

Modules Lead

Lee ('17) is a Computer Science major. He is excited about getting middle school girls more interested in computer science and technology. In his spare time, Lee enjoys reading books, watching cartoons, and playing games.

Valeria Pressler

Workshop Teacher

Valeria ('17) is a Computer Science major with an interest in languages and how they evolve. In her free time she loves to cook new recipes, reinvent old ones, and watch Youtube makeup tutorials. She's super excited to be doing her part to help improve the gender parity in tech and to inspire a new generation of creative minds.


Alice Chang '16

Sarah Li '14

Megan Renshaw '16

Emilee Urbanek '16